My opinion on Beauty and the Beast of 2017

Guess what I saw today? Yep. Beauty and the Beast… are you ready for my review? Well, if you are read on… if not, scroll on by.

Here goes in number order but not necessarily in order of importance:

1. The costumes were Phenomenal!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

2. The set and scenery and everything about the castle and the village – stunning.

3. I had no idea so many stars were in it! That was fun!

4. Don’t throw things at me, but Emma Watson’s voice sounded very “pop” when she sang and no one else did (similar to the new Annie) Whatever it was, that was distracting to me at first, but I got over it. And she was adorable.

5. In the scene where Gaston decides to Kill the Beast, I couldn’t help but think of Jesus when the crowd turned on him. See John 18:38 – 19:27 in the Bible.

6. I missed a couple of scenes, cause I brought Phoebe and we had to change a diaper so I am not sure what I missed. But overall, she sat very well. She didn’t even get scared, but “phant” was with, and he just makes her world a better place naturally.

7. Assuming I didn’t miss something major (again, I may have so don’t string me up if I did) I think the controversy wasn’t really about Disney’s first gay character – I think it was more Will Christians take the bait? I’ll be honest, I almost did – I mean, as a parent I am to navigate what my kids see and how I introduce life to them. Again, I may have missed something – but if I didn’t, what I saw was nothing. Until the last 1.5 seconds of the entire movie, the idea that La Fou had a thing for Gaston wouldn’t have actually been evident to me. If I had not heard of the controversy I wouldn’t have even looked for it. It would’ve gone right over my head. At the very end, you see La Fou dancing with a woman (partner dancing) and then the next time you see him during the song, he surprisingly finds himself dancing with a man.

8. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are living in new and uncomfortable social waters for many. This doesn’t come as a surprise to our Heavenly Father and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. If you aren’t comfortable seeing this movie or supporting it – then don’t. And please continue to issue warnings about things that others might want to be aware of before introducing certain topics or subject matter to our kids. It makes me think of that childhood song, O Be careful little eyes what you see – so please keep that up! But at the same time, please be careful about speaking so boldly and adamantly about things until you know for sure, it is what you think it is. I honestly left and told Sophie – I think that was more to see if we would take the bait than anything.

9. It’s hard to know when to speak and when to stay silent. I feel that way about this post…

10. Because I need 10 points.  Continue to love your kids, your neighbors and those around you whether they like Disney movies or not.