The country and the state of fake news

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And you thought you might get by with only ONE wordy post from me today… haha! Nope. Sorry.

Today was an amazing day. I was busy most of the day but my thoughts were focused on a variety of things I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now.

I think we all know there is a large divide right now, we had a March earlier in the week and we had one today. There is a wide range of beliefs regarding both events and the events of our country period. I think we can all agree on that.

One of my sweetest and most trusted friends is an immigrant. We were talking last week about everything under the sun, including politics. One thing that struck me and has echoed in my mind this week is when she told me her 3 greatest fears for America. Do you know her 3 greatest fears aren’t even in my top 5? And guess what, It doesn’t make her concerns or fears less real or important. It just makes me realize even more, if we don’t start engaging in some really serious conversations where we actually listen, we are never going to get a handle on this AND… ALL OF OUR FEARS ARE GOING TO PLAY OUT MUCH SOONER UNDER ANY ADMINISTRATION.

I think we can agree on a lot of things. One thing I hope we can agree on is that we all appreciate the truth.

So, We the people, need to take our country back and hold honesty and truth at the forefront for our media and our leaders. We need to hold them accountable. We need to call them out when they write with a slant. When they find a bizarro story of a crazy group of people and write like it represents an entire population, we need to tell them they are wrong. When someone disagrees, there is no name calling. Period.

Basically, If you don’t assume that because I consider myself an evangelical, I am part of the Quiverfull movement (a term I just learned today) then I won’t assume you want to walk around wearing a plastic vagina bodysuit.

I’ll start and call out to my people and hope others on both sides will do the same. We are to be peacemakers. Be peacemakers.

Here’s an article I thought was very insightful and represents this principle well. Christians, let’s go first.


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I'm not sure how much you want to really know but here are a few things you might be curious about. I'm married. I have 4 kids. I have a dog. I have a house and a van. I love all things funny and humorous. I love Jesus and He loves me (you too if you didn't know). I want to write some stuff down for my kids. I want them to know what I think about and maybe even how I feel. Lessons I've learned this far. This is for them. AND, Lord willing, I will even be around to have my grandchildren read these one day and I can laugh at how silly I think they are when I am REALLY old. I hope I've gained so much wisdom by then that I look back and think these are true of the time but yet... foolish. I hope to gain wisdom and insight with each passing day.

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